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Science and the Sun

We are all lucky to live in a state known as the Sunshine State.  There are so many science activities that can be done to teach more about our powerful star.  Shadows, sundials, UV light, and spectroscopes are a few activities that can teach about the sun.  Science activities like these can spark interest and lead to a lot of self-discovery in children.

In third grade, we make simple solar ovens out of pizza boxes every year.  We use our ovens to cook a delicious s’more treat.  Solar ovens can be made out of many different materials that you often already have at home.  Below you will find directions for a simple oven that will heat up to around 200 degrees F. Continue reading Science and the Sun

2016 Grad Ready to Stand Out

Kasey Friedenreich (right) with fellow graduate, Noel Whitlock.

My name is Kasey Friedenreich and I am a woman about to go into the field of engineering – a field typically male dominated. This being a fact, it makes it quite difficult at times to pursue this career choice. You encounter those who doubt your abilities, and those who overestimate them, because as a woman, I am not just a normal employee, or a normal student. I am the female in a class of males. This makes me stand out amongst the crowd. Eyes turn to me, voices whisper of me, and someone is bound to walk up to me and test my intellect. I am different, I stand out, and I never blend into the crowd. This can be good. Those around me notice my achievement more so than if a male achieved the same feat; however, my faults are also more targeted. Continue reading 2016 Grad Ready to Stand Out

Coding Creates Exciting Opportunity for Holy Trinity Students

by Bradley Meyer, 21st Century Learning Specialist

Computer Science Education Week is next week and Holy Trinity second grade teacher Mrs. Foster has gotten a jump start on the activities in her classroom with coding. The popular term “coding” refers to computer code, or learning to program computer software. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22 percent growth in computer science jobs over the next 10 years in this high-paying field. It is never too early to see which students may have an interest in computer science.

Students in Mrs. Foster’s class are using the Hour of Code website, Code.org, to learn programming skills – and are creating some inspiring designs in the process. Continue reading Coding Creates Exciting Opportunity for Holy Trinity Students