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2016 Grad Ready to Stand Out

Kasey Friedenreich (right) with fellow graduate, Noel Whitlock.

My name is Kasey Friedenreich and I am a woman about to go into the field of engineering – a field typically male dominated. This being a fact, it makes it quite difficult at times to pursue this career choice. You encounter those who doubt your abilities, and those who overestimate them, because as a woman, I am not just a normal employee, or a normal student. I am the female in a class of males. This makes me stand out amongst the crowd. Eyes turn to me, voices whisper of me, and someone is bound to walk up to me and test my intellect. I am different, I stand out, and I never blend into the crowd. This can be good. Those around me notice my achievement more so than if a male achieved the same feat; however, my faults are also more targeted. Continue reading 2016 Grad Ready to Stand Out

Endless Possibilities

Please enjoy the Class of 2014 Valedictorian Speech:

Daryth GaylesGood morning! My name is Daryth Gayles and I am extremely honored to address the Holy Trinity class of 2014 on the day of our graduation. I would like to thank everyone who helped me get to this point: my incredible and loving family, my amazing friends, my teachers, my guidance counselor, and my coaches.

I never thought this day would come. I don’t think any of us really did. Until recently, graduation day seemed to be in the very distant future. Our graduation marks the beginning of the transition from adolescence to adulthood, the end of one era in our lives and the beginning of another. In a few months, many of us will no longer live at home, and we will be faced with a new sense of independence and responsibility that is all at once exciting and frightening. Initially, the rapid changes, foreign environment, and unfamiliar challenges that we will certainly face may be overwhelming. However, our time at Holy Trinity has prepared us well. Continue reading Endless Possibilities

College Prep – Tips to get started

I often am asked by students of all ages- when should we start looking at colleges? My answer is anytime-BUT- the most relevant time is when you are in your last two years of high school when you have a bigger sense of what you are looking for! I usually say to start with looking at a small (under 2000 students), medium (2,000-10,000 students) and large (10000 students plus!) campus. If you are doing a road trip this summer, it is always good to do at least a drive-by if you are near a college campus. And if you are a 10th, 11th or 12th grader do a more formal visit and go to the admission office for an information and campus tour. Remember, college campuses during the summer often seem sleepy, but it is still good to visit when you are nearby. During your junior year, plan to go back while school is in session to see the campus fully in action.

Here at HTEA, there is never a dull moment in the college office… over the summer the college advisors are working with the Class of 2014 students and parents for a pep-talk going into the all-important junior year. While no big college decisions are made in this conference, students leave with a sense of what needs to be done along the way in terms of building their resume, coursework, researching college options and preparing for standardized testing. The college advisors also begin to get a sense of what might be good ‘fit’ colleges for their advisees!

Knowing that the fall ramps up quickly for seniors, we encourage students to use the summer to polish their resumes and college essays that they had drafted last spring. Sometimes the college advisors have students who will send us essays to review ‘virtually’- something we always welcome to ensure everything is in the works for putting together the college application. Many students, both from Holy Trinity and other local schools, will attend College Application Boot Camp at the end of July, in which guest staff from college admission offices come for the final day to act as essay reviewers.

Alison Bell
Director of College Counseling
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy