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Science and the Sun

We are all lucky to live in a state known as the Sunshine State.  There are so many science activities that can be done to teach more about our powerful star.  Shadows, sundials, UV light, and spectroscopes are a few activities that can teach about the sun.  Science activities like these can spark interest and lead to a lot of self-discovery in children.

In third grade, we make simple solar ovens out of pizza boxes every year.  We use our ovens to cook a delicious s’more treat.  Solar ovens can be made out of many different materials that you often already have at home.  Below you will find directions for a simple oven that will heat up to around 200 degrees F. Continue reading Science and the Sun

Communication is Key!

Communicating with a child of any age can be wonderful, frustrating, or a mixture of both.  Whether your child is only giving you one word answers (i.e. “fine”) or they won’t stop telling you about Pokemon Go, communication is everything at all ages.  In an age when we often communicate via a text message, email, or posting on social media, it is becoming even more important to ensure we are intentionally communicating and connecting with our children.  Below are some things to remember as you communicate with your child. Continue reading Communication is Key!

Seven Most Common Myths About Math Lab

What is Math Lab? Who is it for? When is it open? Mr. Bonanza, Upper School math instructor and Math Lab coach, dispels the most common myths among students and parents about this fantastic, yet under-utilized, academic coaching opportunity.

Myth #1: Only students who are having trouble in math should go to Math Lab.

Truth: Any student who would like help with or even just a space dedicated to completing assignments, studying for tests, preparing for SAT/ACT, can benefit from Math Lab.

It’s also an opportunity for students to get answers to their questions without having to wait until the next day’s class. It can be very frustrating for a student to feel confident about an assignment when leaving class, only to start the homework assignment at home and have limited options when he or she gets stuck. In fact, research into the science of learning suggests that having a false confidence about a topic is very detrimental to the learning process. The Math Lab addresses that problem sooner, rather than later. Continue reading Seven Most Common Myths About Math Lab