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2016 Grad Ready to Stand Out

Kasey Friedenreich (right) with fellow graduate, Noel Whitlock.

My name is Kasey Friedenreich and I am a woman about to go into the field of engineering – a field typically male dominated. This being a fact, it makes it quite difficult at times to pursue this career choice. You encounter those who doubt your abilities, and those who overestimate them, because as a woman, I am not just a normal employee, or a normal student. I am the female in a class of males. This makes me stand out amongst the crowd. Eyes turn to me, voices whisper of me, and someone is bound to walk up to me and test my intellect. I am different, I stand out, and I never blend into the crowd. This can be good. Those around me notice my achievement more so than if a male achieved the same feat; however, my faults are also more targeted. Continue reading 2016 Grad Ready to Stand Out

Holy Trinity Grad Grateful for Opportunity to Give Back

On Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015, Holy Trinity’s freshman, junior varsity and varsity volleyball teams paired off against Viera High School to “Dig Pink to Beat Breast Cancer.” The annual event, which is sponsored by The Side-Out Foundation and its Dig Pink initiatives, brought together two rival teams in the spirit of giving back, raising $3,540 for breast cancer research. A 2013 Holy Trinity graduate, Savannah Hicks, recently reached out to share her feelings about participating in the event as a student.

Savannah Hicks
Savannah Hicks, 2013 graduate

I was part of the varsity volleyball team at Holy Trinity for the three years that I attended the school and I played indoor and sand volleyball for Florida Atlantic University (FAU) for two years.  I am now in my first year of nursing school at FAU’s Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing. 

Just before my junior year at Holy Trinity, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This was truly devastating for our family.  My mother was treated with chemotherapy for six months and fortunately, was rid of the cancer by the end of her treatments.  Throughout this period, our family received such an outpouring of help and support from friends and family.  This was truly one of the silver linings from this experience for our family and we couldn’t have made it through that trying period without all of that support. 

I competed in Dig Pink games every year throughout high school.  Especially the year that my mother was going through her own battle, competing in the Dig Pink game was very special.  It’s great to have sporting events like Dig Pink games that bring the community together to support a common cause.  Even though Holy Trinity and Viera are competitors on the court, I believe the two teams come together to support this cause because breast cancer affects us all, either personally or through family or friends.

Members and fans from each school are all able to come together at the Dig Pink game to raise awareness for breast cancer research and support those who have been affected by this disease.  I’m glad to know that this year’s Dig Pink game was not only a great sporting event, but also a great way for players and fans of each team to connect in support of a great cause!

How Do You Deal?

by Bailey Oas ’11

baileyOasThis post coming to you live from my home away from home, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. New semester. Fresh start.

With the recent events that have been going on in my life you would honestly think we’ve been on a reality show or we could easily have a Lifetime Movie special. One of those prime time one’s that airs at 8 P.M. On top of all of that I landed in Birmingham Tuesday night after being delayed for two hours and they lost a piece of my luggage… and then Wednesday morning while trying to go to class my car wouldn’t start! The hits keep coming, holy buckets!! Insanity. Anyway, as I have been working through the chaos and trying to wrap my mind around all sorts of things a dear friend of mine said while venting in the car on the way home from the airport, “you know what, you’re blog will really help you deal with all of this.” So here I am friends.

We all like to think that we are always the most prime versions of ourselves. Constantly on our A game. Always ready to take on anyone or anything that gets in our way. But what happens when the fortress we have built starts to be invaded? Continue reading How Do You Deal?