A Year of Many First Experiences

This is my first time to America, which is an extremely different and wonderful country. I had a really great time in the two and a half weeks at Holy Trinity, because all of the teachers and students are very enthusiatic. I appreciate that! It helps me to blend in the new enviornment as soon as possible. Until now, I have joined diverse activities, I enjoyed them very much although I have no chances to do them in China. Two weeks ago, I went to a baby shower party, played the Baby Barr Bingo (a type of guess game), drew for the wish board, and prayed for the unborn baby. It is totally different from a Chinese baby shower, because we will give the baby a bath! Last week was my first time to watch an American football game, it was exciting, my friends and I cheered for our school’s team all the time! By the way, my host parents always cook delicious American food for me, so I try many kinds of local and tranditional American food for the first time. They are excellent, and I love it! America is full of surprises and opportunities, so I expect all the first time coming!

– Star
HTEA International Student

Meet Mr. Suttles

In August of 1992, I transitioned from Lockmar Elementary to a small private school called Holy Trinity off of Strawbridge Avenue in the heart of Melbourne.  This began a five year journey at HT that would have a marked impact on my life and career.  That first day ran the gamut of new experiences, classmates, and teachers including Mrs. Ellen Ketterer who was my homeroom teacher in LS 13.  She was kind and caring while also demanding excellence from us each and every day.

HTEA Lower School

As the years would pass, I would be taught by a number of wonderful faculty members including Mr. Kersey for Science, Mr. Bradford for Band, Coach Scharich for P.E., Senora Gamboa for Spanish, Mr. Paauwe for Math, and a host of other instructors that did not just teach a subject, but promoted a genuine sense of learning within the four walls of their classrooms.  Two members of the faculty would stand out over my tenure at HT for the lengths that they would go to for the betterment of their students.

HTEA Lower School Chapel

Mr. Lovelace would end up teaching the majority of my Science and English classes from 7th through 9th grade and helped me to understand the value of investment in my own education.  Mr. Whims was my Social Studies instructor from 6th through 9th grade and would ultimately be the driving force behind my desire to become a teacher.

Strong friendships would be developed during my time at Holy Trinity that would stand the test of time.  Graduation from 9th grade would come and go, leading all of us down diverging paths to different high schools, colleges, and careers, but I have always found that the relationships that I established here have continued regardless of distance or time apart.  Holy Trinity alumni were my buddies in high school, roommates in college, and best men at my wedding.  They would also inspire me to a professional repeat of 1992 as I would shift from teaching at Viera High School, to working as part of the I.T. department at Holy Trinity bringing me back to a place that still feels like home.

Matt Suttles
21st Century Learning Specialist
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

Running for another big HTEA Cross Country Season

HTEA Cross Country

The Wickham park jamboree is the first race that our whole team will race together! Although it is not in season it tells a lot about the team, like who is going to be on Varsity, and what realistic goal times are for all team members.

This summer the team ran every day at Wickham Park, racking up miles that will pay off during the season. This summer, I ran a little over three hundred miles, and the rest of the team ran between 200-1000 miles! On Saturday, we will hopefully see all our work pay off with lots of personal records, consistent miles, and strong finishes.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, we run between 4-6 miles, and every Tuesday and Thursday, we run workouts that help with our speed. Every Sunday, we run our long runs which are over 6 miles. Our cross-country team is renown throughout the state for our records and titles, but this does not come without hard work and preparation. Running is a sport you have to work at every day; it is not an overnight success.

I am excited for the Jamboree because it is always a fun kick off to the season! I will hopefully see my work this summer pay off with a fast time.

Emily Jameson ’13
HTEA Cross Country Runner

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