Interview with a Teacher – Mrs. Mirda

Mrs. MirdaTeaches: Spanish III, Spanish III Honors, Spanish IV Honors, and AP Spanish; HTEA World Language Department Chair

Degree: Bachelors in Education with a minor in Spanish Language and English (aka “ Especialidad en lengua española e inglés”)

School: la Escuela Universitaria del Profesorado de Educación General Básica in de Toledo , Spain

What is the most important life lesson you want a child to learn in your classroom?
Learning another language and culture in today’s world is very beneficial, rewarding, and necessary; it expands opportunities for success. It’s important to express yourself, but always showing respect and tolerance of different cultures, opinions and ideas.

What do you want your students to gain from having known you?
The importance of having an open mind, perseverance and acceptance. Whenever you think something is difficult to obtain, keep trying, practice, work hard and you will achieve. Never judge people superficially, search for the inner person,

Most of all, I try to instill in them a love for the Spanish language and the rich culture.

What are some of your interests and passions outside of the classroom?
I like to walk, ride my bicycle, go to the beach, travel, read, and be with friends and family, especially my granddaughters.

What was your first paying job?
Teaching first grade in “Las Terciarias” a private Catholic school in Toledo, Spain. Like Holy Trinity, it had an excellent reputation for academics and student success.

What experiences or people had the most influence on you?
My Dad is the person who most deeply influenced me. He always taught me to follow my dreams. He made me understand the meaning of being honest, respectful and tolerant of other’s opinions and beliefs. His ethical lessons in working hard and the commitment of oneself to the career you choose regardless of the pay or hardships gave me life long values.

Also, leaving my home country of Spain markedly changed my life. It opened my mind to a new world of living. I realized the importance of learning about different cultures, and most of all learning another language at a young age.

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My First Year of College

University of Alabama

I can’t believe that I am already sharing my experience from my first year as a college student at the University of Alabama. It feels like just yesterday I was walking the halls of Holy Trinity, preparing myself for the real world. This past year at college has been by far one of the best. I got the chance to meet so many new people and created new friendships, along with embarking on a path towards my degree. For me, freshman year was definitely a learning experience and at times, a bit overwhelming, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. The adjustment to living so far away from home was much easier than I realized. I was prepared, organized and had a great support system which enabled me to transition to college life. Staying in an all girls dorm was great too, especially because it gave me the chance to be around a lot of other girls with similar needs. I always seemed to have someone to study with, eat with or meet up with to go to a football game.

The most important thing that I took from last year was that balance is everything. It’s important to socialize and go out with your new friends, but at the same time, you must be able to maintain focus on your academics. After all, that’s why you’re there. College is the first chance we have as young adults to be on our own and make decisions for ourselves without our parents looking over our every move. However, with that comes more responsibility as students to balance successfully the different things that we want to do and try!

The helpful hint that I recommend to an incoming college freshman is to stay organized. A white board calendar can help you keep yourself in line, and follow classes and due dates. Professors don’t constantly announce when things are due, so it is really important to always be aware of due dates, because in many cases whatever is due may be the only grade for the semester. I believe it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity that your college provides for you. Whether it’s using the library or getting together in groups, it will only help you in the long run! Don’t be afraid to get involved. There are unending lists of things you can do from clubs to Greek life that will keep you busy and involved. Being involved made me feel more in touch with my school and allowed me to meet even more people.

Lastly, remember to have fun! College is one of the best times of your life. Don’t forget to slow down and take a look around. Remember to be thankful for where you are in your life and all of the things that you are working towards.

Best of luck to all who are about to embark on this adventure! It’s very exciting!!

Roll Tide!

Baily Oas ’11

How to Set up iPad Restrictions

Does your child have an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) or access to your personal device? iOS devices have many security features that parents don’t know about. You can use these features to help protect your child from accessing inappropriate content; guard your personal data on a shared device; and safeguard you from unexpected credit card bills due to unapproved app and itunes purchases. The following video explains how!

Presented by: Susan Bearden, HTEA Director of Information Technology

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