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Why Uniforms?

50s UniformsTo wear or not to wear?  Of course at Holy Trinity, there is no debate.  Uniforms are the best and only option.  Uniforms at Holy Trinity have been a long standing tradition since 1957.  Even though the style of uniforms has changed through the decades, the reasons for wearing a uniform have remained the same.

First of all, the wearing of uniforms bonds our students and promotes a sense of school spirit.  Other benefits include:

  • Students are more focused on learning.
  • There is more of an even playing field with a decrease on peer pressure to wear the trendier brands.
  • Allows for easier mornings on kids and parents.
  • For parents, it is simple economics.  Uniforms cost less than an entire new wardrobe.  Uniforms can be reused and recycled.

HTEA Uniforms on PinterestSo naturally, it is not always the most popular choice amongst the students.  But, students can infuse their own personal styles along with the traditional uniform.  From tennis shoes at the Lower School to belts, shoes, and accessories at the Upper School, students can still add their personal flair.  Be creative, be you!

— HTEA Admissions Team

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