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High School Diving Takes Special Form of Athleticism, Discipline

By Coach Randy Wouters

This year, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy welcomed its first diving coach to the athletic department, Mr. Randy Wouters. While HT students have participated in competitive diving in the past, the school has never before had the benefit of having a diving coach on staff. Coach Wouters shares some insight into this fascinating sport below:

Diving is a sport that seems to gain moderate attention during the summer Olympics, but is happening year-round in nearly every country of the world.  And no, we’re not talking about SCUBA diving.  Springboard and platform diving have been around since the 1880s and have changed considerably over the years due to equipment upgrades and sport-specific training.

Diving is said to be the cousin of gymnastics, since many of the same flips and twists are performed from various heights. If you watched any of the Rio Olympic diving, you will have seen just how far the sport has come. Athletes are now pushing the boundaries of human physical limitations, doing dives such as the front 4.5 somersault from the 3-meter springboard and the 10-meter tower – which is the height of a 3- story building! Continue reading High School Diving Takes Special Form of Athleticism, Discipline

Cheerleaders: Athletes at the Top of their Game

“RAH-RAH-RAH,” is often what people think of when the word “cheerleader” is mentioned, but the sport of cheerleading has come a long way since the days of girls simply bouncing around screaming “RAH!” Nowadays girls train, devoting hours to hone the array of skills necessary to perform the mix of gymnastics, dance, and acrobatic moves that make up cheerleading. Gone are the days of girls in skirts and bows only. Now cheerleading is made up of athletes in top physical condition committed to the sport they love.

Holy Trinity Cheerleaders are no different. After tryouts in the spring, the girls began practicing regularly to perfect their skills, drilling the smallest things over and over to ensure technique as a squad. They worked hard to master jumps, motions and dances, and they conditioned through running and training to be ready to perform at their best in competition against other cheerleading squads at the University of Central Florida in June. Continue reading Cheerleaders: Athletes at the Top of their Game