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A Journey to Self-Awareness

As I begin this blog on Self-Regulation, I think of how easy it is to raise our children without much focus on this extremely important skill. If our children are fairly well behaved, we usually do not even think in those terms. If we think of it at all, we are proud that they already have self-regulation skills, due at least in part to our brilliant parenting.

Having become a continual student of Conscious Discipline and Dr. Becky Bailey, I find that we probably have taught our children many aspects needed to be in charge of their behavior, but life can be oh so much better, so much sooner, if we teach our children early on how to manage their emotions, feelings, and actions. Continue reading A Journey to Self-Awareness

Teaching Self-Regulation

RLR_6336I was given the opportunity to attend a Conscious Discipline (CD) workshop this summer. As a new teacher, I felt it was important to become more familiarized with the program Holy Trinity has adopted for the last 8 years. I went with some knowledge and a little skepticism, but returned enthusiastic and grateful that our school administration cares and believes enough, not to change student behavior by discipline but by instilling life skills.

I learned that Conscious Discipline is a self-regulation program. If we can teach our children to recognize their emotional state and assess their situation before it reaches a point of anger and upset, we are empowering them to be in control of their world. Continue reading Teaching Self-Regulation