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2016 Grad Ready to Stand Out

Kasey Friedenreich (right) with fellow graduate, Noel Whitlock.

My name is Kasey Friedenreich and I am a woman about to go into the field of engineering – a field typically male dominated. This being a fact, it makes it quite difficult at times to pursue this career choice. You encounter those who doubt your abilities, and those who overestimate them, because as a woman, I am not just a normal employee, or a normal student. I am the female in a class of males. This makes me stand out amongst the crowd. Eyes turn to me, voices whisper of me, and someone is bound to walk up to me and test my intellect. I am different, I stand out, and I never blend into the crowd. This can be good. Those around me notice my achievement more so than if a male achieved the same feat; however, my faults are also more targeted. Continue reading 2016 Grad Ready to Stand Out

Changes are Coming for the College-Bound Class of 2017 and Beyond, Part III

FAC_BELL_ALISONBy Alison Potter Bell, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, Director of College Counseling

For the past two weeks, I’ve shared the first two of a three-part series regarding information gleaned at the College Board Forum, a national conference held in Washington, D.C. If you missed the segment on changes to the SAT or financial aid, please visit our blog at

The final change to the college application process is highly controversial. There have been multiple articles written in The Washington Post and The New York Times covering the new “Coalition Application.”  Continue reading Changes are Coming for the College-Bound Class of 2017 and Beyond, Part III

Alumni Spotlight: Jocelyn Lucier ’06

Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy graduated its first senior class in 2003, and our students were well-prepared to enter a larger world. Today, we will spotlight a Holy Trinity graduate in her accomplishments, her career, and the difference Holy Trinity made in her life.  Here is Jocelyn Lucier’s Holy Trinity Story: Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Jocelyn Lucier ’06