Sixth Grade Memories

The following piece is part of a five-part series on speeches given by Holy Trinity sixth graders at their Moving Up Ceremony. Read as our students look back at their experiences and memories at the Lower School and look ahead to new opportunities at the Upper School.

By Sophia Hibner, Rising Seventh Grader

Two years ago, I drove into the gallery parking lot for the first time. I was scared and excited to be in a new school environment. When I was walking up the stairs to go and hang up my backpack, Miya, one of my now-good friends, walked up to me. She introduced herself, and invited me to walk in with her. Her kindness really spoke to me. My homeroom teacher was Mrs. Cotton. Everybody was so nice and welcoming to me.  Even though I was the new girl, they treated me as though I had been there for years.

Halfway through my fifth grade year we had already read A Wrinkle in Time, reenacted Valley Forge as we read My Brother Sam is Dead and gone to Pathfinders, a really fun team-building field trip. I had made many new friends, and I was feeling great. We then learned about and “went on the Oregon Trail”. Suddenly it was the end of the year. I was so sad! Fifth grade was one of the best times of my life, but I was looking forward to getting a spacious locker instead of my small cubby.

The beginning of sixth grade came. We got lockers, and we got to choose our enrichment classes. I soon found out that sixth grade had a harder curriculum than fifth grade. Also, I now had a lot more responsibility as a sixth grader. I became the captain of the Holy Trinity Safety Patrol, as well as I-Team co-president, and I had a lot more homework.

One of the best parts of my sixth grade year was being chosen by Representative Randy Fine to go up to Tallahassee to participate in the Page and Messenger program. I met so many great people and learned many great things about our Florida legislature.

Another great part of sixth grade were the trips I went on. Mrs. Boates took a group of students down to the Keys to study marine life with marine biologists. We went snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico, went swimming with sharks and walked over to an island to study the mangrove ecosystem. I had a blast!  Another great trip was our sixth grade field study to have a look at the Floridan Aquifer. That was great! Our guides were so fun and energetic about what they were teaching.

All in all, my experience at Holy Trinity has been one of the best in my life. I’m going to miss Mrs. Brockell and her many “Brockellisms”, Mr. Parker putting up with my sarcasm, Mrs. Fink the best band substitute, Mrs. Cotton and her energy, Mr. Hargraves and his humor, and Mrs. Boates and her wonderful advice. I am sad to leave the Lower School, but excited for the new adventure that awaits me at the Upper School.

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