My Holy Trinity Memories

The following piece is part of a five-week series on speeches given by Holy Trinity sixth graders at their Moving Up Ceremony. Read as our students look back at their experiences and memories at the Lower School and look ahead to new opportunities at the Upper School.

By Raina Wamsley, Rising Seventh Grader

I came to Holy Trinity in sixth grade. This year has been my favorite out of all my school years. My teachers were very welcoming and nice, and all the students are super friendly. I will never forget all the things I have learned at Holy Trinity. I have done more in one school year than I have done in all the others combined! From doing many different experiments in science class with Mrs. Boates to reading six books with Mrs. Cotton, I will always cherish the fun things we did and the memories I have made here.

One of my favorite memories from sixth grade was the field trip to Wekiva Springs. I had so much fun canoeing and fossil hunting with my friends! We even got to swim in the springs! The funniest moment of that trip was when Kiki was pushing our canoe off a sandbar. When she got back in the canoe it was off balance and we tipped. It was extremely funny, and we were soaking wet! Another one of my favorite memories was winning the basketball championship game. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without our amazing coaches Mrs. Boates and Mrs. Williams.! It was a very intense game, and the team did a great job under the pressure. I miss basketball season!

I’m going to miss the Lower School so much! I will especially miss the teachers. Holy Trinity is a very special place where you can learn and have fun at the same time. I learned a few lessons this year. You have to study a lot for math; don’t wait until the last minute to do projects: plan them out so you don’t stress about them; and the teachers will always be there to support you.

My year at Holy Trinity Lower School has been a memorable one. Thank you!

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