My HT Memories

The following piece is part of a five-week series on speeches given by Holy Trinity sixth graders at their Moving Up Ceremony. Read as our students look back at their experiences and memories at the Lower School and look ahead to new opportunities at the Upper School.

By Kaylie Johnson, Rising Seventh Grader

It’s hard to sum up Holy Trinity in just a few paragraphs, with its classes, teachers, students and my memories. However, I can sum up how I feel about Holy Trinity in these next four words, “I love Holy Trinity”.

Even though I only began attending HT in fourth grade, I have learned and changed so much since then. I will never forget my friends and teachers, or how Holy Trinity shaped me to be a better person. Next year I’m going to the Upper School, which is very exciting and new, and yet it’s still bitter-sweet to move up because I don’t want to leave the Lower School. I’m excited for the journey ahead, and though I have to leave, but I’m not saying good-bye. I’m saying “see you later.”

I came in the middle of fourth grade from another school, which I can tell you right now, wasn’t nearly as amazing as Holy Trinity. In fourth grade, I was always smiling and getting excited for social studies class because I liked learning about Florida’s history as well as getting to hear Mr. Gomez’s funny jokes and stories. Mr. Parker was my fourth grade science teacher, and I had a lot of fun when we built our rockets—we even launched them! In Mrs. Evan’s class we worked on writing in cursive. Some people dreaded it, but I liked having the opportunity to improve my cursive handwriting. Mrs. Evans always helped us to improve ourselves.

In fifth grade, my homeroom teacher was Mrs. Brockell. She livened up our English and writing class with her sayings, grammar songs and interesting writing topics. Mr. Hargraves made learning fun in social studies, from making vocabulary skits to letting us create movies on a topic or chapter. Mrs. Cotton made sure that we were understanding what we were reading and taught us how to relate to the characters in our books. All of these fifth grade homeroom teachers were and still are a blast, even in sixth grade, too.

In sixth grade I was assigned to Mrs. Boates’ homeroom. Mrs. Boates makes science a fun and engaging activity. She wants us to think, wonder, explore and be curious about science and the world around us. Mr. Parker works in a witty joke here and there to make learning social studies interesting and fun. Mrs. Fink always makes sure we understand our math and devotes her late-night time to grading so we can have our test grades by the next day. She also gives us time to come in early for math help.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”
-George Bernard Shaw

I feel like, as this quote says, that I’ve been creating the kind of person I am at this school. Over these few years, I’ve become a more confident person, boosted my academics, made new friends and had moments that I will never forget. Holy Trinity has helped me in so many ways, and in return I say “thank you.”