My Experience at Holy Trinity

The following piece is part of a five-week series on speeches given by Holy Trinity sixth graders at their Moving Up Ceremony. Read as our students look back at their experiences and memories at the Lower School and look ahead to new opportunities at the Upper School.

By Aidan Johnson, Rising Seventh Grader

In my life, there are many things that make me feel blessed: my kind, supporting family and friends, and my skills, talents and dreams. I’m fortunate to have attended a wonderful school where everyone is welcoming and the teachers are very nice and excellent at what they do. Holy Trinity is the best school I’ve ever been to, and believe me, I’ve been to a lot of schools! At this special place, I’ve learned important virtues and values in life and have become a much wiser, kinder and mature individual. Summarizing my time at Holy Trinity is hard to do because I have so many good memories there.

I was halfway through fourth grade when I transferred to Holy Trinity. As I stepped into the gallery, I knew it was a great school. With smiles on their faces, Mrs. Hermann and Mrs. Benhase welcomed my sister and me and introduced us to our teachers. After my first day, I definitely wanted to stay at Holy Trinity. My happiest memories from my short fourth grade year include Mr. Gomez teaching us his fun lessons filled with humor that always made me smile, and how he gave each of us funny nicknames. I also remember enjoying Mr. Parker’s cool science experiments and learning the confusing math lesson that “a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square.” Fourth grade was a good year, despite being the shortest.

Next was fifth grade; there are even more memories from my second year at Holy Trinity. Since I would be having the same five teachers for two years, I was nervous to meet them. My homeroom teacher was Mrs. Brockell, and once I met her, I knew instantly she would be a good teacher! I felt the same with all of my teachers, and I was excited to start working with them. Since this was my first full year, I got to join Mrs. Dain’s Choir Club and be a part of many other activities throughout the year. My best memories from that year included when we went on our Pathfinders trip and participated in team-building activities. I also loved how the lessons we learned in social studies tied in with the books we read in reading class. Plus, we had the opportunity to reenact Valley Forge and Oregon Trail.  Fifth grade was definitely a great year!

Lastly, was my best year yet, sixth grade, where I grew the most of all! I had opportunities to develop in confidence and pursue my passion for writing. My teachers were always so supportive as I read my essays and gave the homilies in Chapel.

I would like to say how much I love everyone at Holy Trinity. My friends, teachers and others have been very kind and supportive. I’ve decided that I want to pursue my passion for writing and become an English teacher at this school. I hope to set an example that you can do anything as long as you follow your goals.

Even though I’m leaving the Lower School, I’m excited to begin the next chapter of my life at the Upper School, and continue to follow my dreams.