Mentoring Through Reading

by Joy Crockett, Kindergarten Teacher

The concept of the book buddy has so many benefits for the students involved. We team up third grade students with kindergartners to help instill a love of reading and learning. As an educator of young children, I enjoy watching the book buddies work together. The peer guidance of the third grade book buddy to the kindergarten student has so many valuable attributes. Book buddies build confidence and understanding for the reader and the listener, and I have witnessed more confidence in the area of reading from the kindergartners. The program allows children to not only grow in their reading ability, but also grow in their social skills. The younger students truly look up to the older students that are mentoring them. The program also creates a bond that can be seen all over campus as friendships are formed and relationships are created. The older students become role models for the younger. I also believe it fosters to the family environment that makes Holy Trinity such a unique school and builds on the Holy Trinity way.

Holy Trinity has an excellent book buddy and Authors’ Day program. Young Authors’ Day is Holy Trinity’s culminating activity with our book buddies. It gives kindergartners the exposure to public speaking that will be an integral part of their education and professional life. Our kindergartners make their own book using technology with the assistance of their book buddy. Then they present their book to an audience of peers and parents. They truly enjoy showing off their work and their ability to read and speak in front of a group.

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