Need a Brush-Up on Your CPR Skills? Ask a Sixth Grader!

By Betty Schwind, Lower School Nurse

Do you know how to perform CPR? Don’t worry, our sixth graders can show you how to do it! We have been instructing our sixth grade students in the importance of knowing and performing CPR for the past four years. They are always receptive to learning a new skill, and this is one that could benefit not only their own families, but the general public, too.

In addition, they know how to locate and use an AED. We hope, of course, that none of them are ever called on to use these skills, but it is reassuring to know that they are ready, willing and able to help if needed. We feel it is important for our students to be able to perform CPR for a number of reasons. According to the American Heart Association, effective CPR performed by a bystander can double or even triple a victim’s chance of survival. Since cardiac arrest can occur in drowning victims and victims of electric shock, it is easy to understand the importance of teaching CPR not just to students, but to everyone.

At Holy Trinity we say, “Start Here, Go Anywhere,” but we could also add, “Start Here. Learn Anything!”

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