Tips for Helping with Homework

School is in session!  It is that time of the year when students begin bringing homework home to complete.  For the early grade levels, students are receiving homework for the first time.  Homework serves a very important role; it helps students establish study skills, reinforces and extends the learning that took place, lays the foundation for future years, and builds a path for the student to become more independent.

Help with homework!  There are many ways that parents can help their child with homework.

  1. First and foremost, make homework a priority. Establish a routine with homework.  Completing homework in a quiet space at the same time each day.  It is helpful to find a space that is free of distractions (television, phone, etc.)
  1. Be there to offer encouragement and support. Homework time can be challenging and can bring its frustrations.  If needed, help your student understand the instructions of the assignment.  If overwhelmed, guide your student on ways to break the homework up into smaller pieces.  Through your positive words, you are modeling problem solving skills.
  1. Recognize your child’s effort and determination. Provide positive words for the work ethic and resolve to finish homework.  During challenging moments, suggest taking a short break.  Allowing for time away may be just what your child needed to have a fresh new approach to an assignment.
  1. Stay in communication with the classroom teacher. Encourage older children to reach out to his/her teacher for extra help.  In doing this, you are setting the stage for independence now and in the college years.  Be proactive and do not wait for the end of a marking period to express concerns.

Homework helps develop independence, a sense of responsibility, and a strong work ethic. These qualities are proven to support success in all areas, not just the classroom.

Written by,

Rebecca Cacciatore
Lower School Academic Coach
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

Dowshen, Steven, MD. “Helping Your Gradeschooler With Homework.” KidsHealth. The Nemours Foundation, Sept. 2013. Web. 05 Sept. 2016.


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