Upper School Tips for Success

by Mrs. Giangrisostomi
Head of Upper School, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

  • Establish study hours in your home each evening. During that time create a quiet, well-lit environment, free of television, phone conversations, texting and loud music.
  • Have students check On Campus daily to be sure that all homework assignments have been completed.
  • Prepare all school backpacks the night before and place them by the front door so nothing is left behind.
  • Review all assignments and weekly appointments on Sunday night to allow proper time management to complete all tasks.
  • Get at least seven hours of sleep every night and stay hydrated during the day.
  • Do not cram too many activities into one day.
  • Do not allow social media to distract you from important responsibilities.
  • Life is full of changes. Do not let them derail you from your goals. Stay focused!

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