For Some Life Decisions, There Are No “Do-Overs”

My son, Nick, is what is known as a “Holy Trinity Lifer.” He started two days a week when he was three and graduated last year in the Class of 2015. When we started him at Holy Trinity back in 2000, we never really planned on him going through high school, in fact, the high school did not exist back then. We had heard great things from other parents about HTEA and how well it prepared their kids for high school.

Fast forward, and the entire educational, emotional, spiritual experience improved with every year. The the junior high opened, then the high school, and the quality of the experience continued to grow. Watching my son, Nick, the shy little boy who used to hide behind my legs, stand up and confidently make a funny and poignant Salutatorian speech in front of some 600 people put it all into perspective for me. HTEA is really all about a nurturing, supporting, developmental education experience that truly maximizes the potential of your child.

Yes, it will cost you some money but the value of the return is the best investment you will ever make. Nick is now using the skills and work ethic honed at HTEA and enjoying success as a double major at Vanderbilt University in Physics and Electrical Engineering.


–Kurt Belsten, father of Holy Trinity alumni, Nick Belsten, Salutatorian, Class of 2015

One thought on “For Some Life Decisions, There Are No “Do-Overs””

  1. Mr. Belsten,

    Thank you for your heartfelt post about the value of a Holy Trinity education! It’s so rewarding for HTEA faculty and staff to read stories like this. I am so privileged to work at a school with a caring and committed faculty and staff, who strive every day to maximize the academic, spiritual, and human potential of every student!

    Susan Bearden
    Director of Information Technology

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