What Holy Trinity Means to Me

by Adrianna Shanta, Fourth Grade

Holy Trinity is a wonderful school! I am so proud to be here because we have excellent education, caring teachers, fun enrichments and sports, nice families, and friends who are like family.

Our classes at Holy Trinity are exciting because of our loving teachers who make us feel safe. We have fun learning new things every day! Last year, our class made s’mores in solar pizza box ovens that we made ourselves. The s’mores were yummy!

We have many enrichments at Holy Trinity. They are Chinese, STEM lab, computers, art, library, music and physical education. My favorite enrichments are art with Mrs. Gavrish, library with Mrs. Houser, and music with Mrs. Dain. We create sculptures, read exciting books and play musical instruments.

Holy Trinity has fun sports we can join with our friends after school, like basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming and flag football. I am on the swim team with Coach Patti because I like to swim fast! We play sports at PE also.

Our friends at Holy Trinity are like family. We care about each other. Our friends have nice families who are close. We have so much fun playing together at PE and recess, and we like to talk together while we eat lunch.

Holy Trinity means to me an excellent education, caring, loving teachers, fun enrichments, sports, nice families and friends who are like family. I am so lucky to be a Holy Trinity tiger!​

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