Student Club Celebrates the Spirit of Giving Back

The Interact Club celebrated its inauguration on Jan. 14 with members of the Indialantic Rotary Club.  The four officers: Zoha Irfan, President; Megan Sweeney, Vice President; Taya Britten, Secretary; and Giana Gayles, Treasurer; were sworn in and 23 club members were inducted.

ZohaZoha Irfan explained her reasons for starting the Interact Club at Holy Trinity:

Having attended Holy Trinity for the past six years, I am no stranger to the familiar: “Start Here, Go Anywhere,” but only recently those words really began to ring true. “If that is what you want, make it happen.” That’s what my teacher told me the day I first heard about Interact Club.

Growing up, charity was an important value instilled in me by my family, however, it was not until I became involved in community service myself in high school that I really understood my love for it. In the “Land of Opportunity,” this feeling could be translated into an impactful project, and after hearing from a speaker in Philanthropy class one day during my junior year, that’s exactly what I set out to do.

Five months later, I founded our school’s chapter of Interact Club, an offspring of Rotary International for children, with the intention of initiating several great service projects to allow my fellow students and I to get more involved in the community. When introduced to the student body at orientation, the support gained from peers was remarkable.

As our kickoff project, a charity dodgeball tournament was proposed and its unique nature gained the support of many. When I walked into the gym the evening of the event, the bleachers were packed. That’s when I realized how much love was present among the HT student body. Everyone was so supportive and wanted to help make a difference in the world. Truly, I can think of no other moment during which I was prouder to be a Tiger.

We raised $448.64 that night for Habitat for Humanity, all while having a blast! Interact Club’s future is bright.

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