Why Choose Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy?

My friends often ask me, “Why did you enroll your son in Holy Trinity?” As former vice president of the Suntree Master Home Owners Association and an avid community volunteer, I had always been a supporter of the public school system until it was time for my son, Adam, to go to junior high last year.

My husband, Greg, and I were originally drawn to Holy Trinity because it is a relatively smaller school with smaller class sizes (a 10:1 student/teacher ratio at the Upper School) but we soon found many more reasons to choose a Holy Trinity education for Adam.

My son is very smart, but he needs to be engaged in order to do his best work. At Holy Trinity, we know he will be challenged academically and called on in class each day. We are confident that Adam not only will be challenged by his teachers but also by his peers, because this is a school where it’s cool to be smart and to get good grades. At Holy Trinity, the question is not whether a student will go to college, but where. We have found an environment for Adam where all of his peers are reaching to do their very best and aren’t just satisfied to “get by.”

As parents, we love that Holy Trinity educates the whole child – mind, body and spirit – and encourages students to be true to their spiritual selves, which we feel is so important, particularly in the junior high years.

As a family, our motto is “never close a door to an opportunity.” Investing in a Holy Trinity education ensures that Adam can not only keep many doors open in terms of his college and career choices, but also ensures that new doors are constantly opening for him.

It’s true that a Holy Trinity education is an investment, but what better investment to make than in our son’s future?

By Julie Cole
Parent of Adam Cole ’20

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