Technology in the Classroom

“Back in the old days,” as the students would say, technology in the classroom might have consisted of using a microscope in science, watching a movie using a filmstrip projector, or using a compass in a social studies lesson.  Today, we are so very fortunate to have technological tools to aid in our teaching.  At Holy Trinity, we are using computers and iPads on a daily basis for a variety of activities and lessons, so much so that if they aren’t available we go into a brief panic.

Students in Mr. Parker's Fourth Grade Class producing videos using iPads and a green screen.
Students in Mr. Parker’s Fourth Grade Class producing videos using iPads and a green screen.

In our fourth grade science class, we have been investigating lightning.  We have been learning the cause of lightning, the benefits and dangers of lightning, and the different types of lightning.  For our culminating project, we have broken up into groups and have been producing our own informative videos.

With the help of Mr. Meyer, our 21st Century Learning Specialist, and the patience of Mrs. Houser, our Librarian, the students have been creating videos using the green screen in our library.  Students have used the green screen app to record video and then later add pictures and videos to visually aid their information.  When the students were finished with their green screen videos they imported their videos into iMovie to even further enhance their production.  These tools have enabled the students to not only share what they have learned in science, but also have empowered them to teach others about lightning.

By Dereck Parker, Fourth Grade Teacher

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