A Day in the Life of a 7th Grader

As one of the primary contacts for families considering a Holy Trinity education for their children, I am often asked about what daily life is like for our students. Inspired by an article a colleague shared with me about a teacher who spent a day as a student, I decided to experience a typical school day from the perspective of a 7th grader so I can communicate that experience to prospective families. I accomplished that goal and gained so much more in the process.

Shown in photo:  “7th graders” Ryan Bain-Darby, Sharon Torkelson and Annalee Mobley, Photo by Tea Boos
Shown in photo: “7th graders” Ryan Bain-Darby, Sharon Torkelson and Annalee Mobley, Photo by Tea Boos

One day this September, I donned the school uniform, braided my hair and reentered the world of junior high. During my day as a 7th grader, I witnessed students who feel comfortable and safe enough in their classroom environment to ask questions, to admit mistakes and to concede that they did not have their books or homework.

I saw teachers calling students by their first names after only a few days of school, gently redirecting students who ventured off task, and keeping students engaged by providing a variety of activities to meet different learning styles.

I learned that “hybrids” cannot reproduce; that “weathering” and “erosion” are not the same thing; that Cartesian coordinate quadrants move counterclockwise; that we have a beautiful walking trail that winds all the way around Lake Catherine; that students LOVE to hear their writing read aloud in their own voice; and that they identify with literature when they can make personal connections between the text and people in their own lives.

And finally, I learned that I DO like to paint with the right teacher who helps me step out of my comfort zone and allows me to make my own choices.

After spending a day in 7th grade, I am so incredibly proud and honored to say that I admit students to the most impressive junior high with the most talented teaching staff in Brevard County.

By Sharon Torkelson
Director of Upper School Admission

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