A Bright Future for HT Women’s Lacrosse

Danielle ThomasDanielle Thomas, a 2015 Holy Trinity graduate, has been selected for the Florida Institute of Technology’s  (FIT) varsity women’s lacrosse team. She is the first Holy Trinity student to play women’s lacrosse at the college level. Danielle recently touched based with us to share how her experience at Holy Trinity prepared her for collegiate play:

Holy Trinity provided me a very unique opportunity to be exposed to lacrosse but also to develop my leadership skills. From age five through high school, basketball was my primary sport. When I was in 10th grade, Holy Trinity began a woman’s lacrosse program. Since it was in a different season from basketball, I decided to give it a try, more for fun and to stay in shape. As it turned out, I immediately fell in love with the sport and it seemed to be a perfect match for my athletic abilities.

During my three-year lacrosse career at Holy Trinity, I had the unique opportunity to be a part of a new and growing program, helping to develop younger players. Given that we were a young program, I grew quickly as both a player and a leader, scoring 34 goals my senior season.  

Of the universities I was seriously considering, I was an invited walk-on at Florida Tech. After a two-week tryout, I was selected for the official roster. Through pre-season practice, I am playing Attack. It is my intention to work hard and play my way into a scholarship.

Athletic Director Scott Crockett expressed his pride in Danielle and in Holy Trinity’s lacrosse program. “The Holy Trinity Lacrosse program has only played at the varsity level for two seasons and is definitely on an upward swing. I had the opportunity to watch Danielle excel on the lacrosse field last season and her desire and effort to compete at a high level was obvious. Danielle was a true leader and great example for her teammates. She is very deserving of the opportunity to play lacrosse at FIT, and there is no doubt that many others are soon to follow in her footsteps as collegiate lacrosse athletes. The future of the program is very bright.”

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