The Best Day of Your Life

“What” and “if.” Two little words that separately are as harmless as words can be. Put them together and they have a whole new meaning, one that can really haunt you at times. What if? What if I made it through that light before it changed; what if I studied more; what if I said something different; what if I didn’t say anything at all? Sometimes thinking about the what if’s in life can be fun, but more often than not when I find myself doing that I end up focusing more on what could have been instead of celebrating what has been. That’s what I want us to do today, celebrate all that has happened that has gotten us here, because the what if’s have had no role in that.

Let’s celebrate the past 4 years of our lives that have led up to this moment. I’ll be the first to admit high school was not perfect. It had its ups and downs, and then a few more ups and downs. But through all those moments, it has gotten us here today, and that is definitely something to celebrate. Think about it, we have spent high school studying everything under the sun from bio honors with Mr. Chiarella to econ and gov with Ms. Duguid and Ms. Euziere. We’ve seen Ms. G dress up as Lady Gaga during the homecoming pep rally, attended amazing performances like Grease and Into the Woods, and finally crowned people from our own grade prom king and queen. We spent an hour waiting in line for the Hulk and stayed up until 4 am together at Grad Bash and got to relieve our elementary school years at our Senior Day. The what if’s have had nothing to do with any of those, it’s all us.

Everything we’ve done has worked out and gotten us to this spot today. We are about to leave the familiar and start a whole new chapter in our lives, at least to me it’s scary and exciting all at the same time. All I can say is thank you. Thank you God that we got this far in one piece, thank you to the faculty and staff of Holy Trinity for being so invested in us and helping us get this far, and thank you to all our family and friends here for being the rock we could lean on during the hard times and the ones to celebrate with us during the good.

I leave you with a challenge. Stop wondering about the what if’s and focus on all that has happened and remember that everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t know that reason yet. Don’t let any moment come up in your life that you think later on down the road you will regret if you did or didn’t do this one thing. Never say this was the best day of my life or this was the moment that everything peaked for me. Live every day like it is the best day of your life and they’ll all turn out to be the best. I just have one quote that I want to leave with you and it’s, “How am I ever supposed to be old and wise without being young and crazy?” This is our time to be young and crazy. Congratulations Class of 2015, we did it!

Kaley Hart

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