A Helping Hand Delivered

Do you remember the story of the three HTEA fourth graders who were participating in a project to create a prosthetic hand for a child in need through the company E-nabling the Future (A Helping Hand)? Well they’ve done it! With the assistance of Mr. Rister from the HTEA Information Technology team, the students designed and built a fully functioning hand for a 12 year old 6th grade student who lives in Minnesota. The actual hand was created using the 3D Printer in the HTEA Library Makerspace, made possible by a $10,000 grant from the Harris Foundation.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the project, saying “Designing the hand using the 3D printer software was the coolest part.” They even got to have a Google Hangout with the recipient to get to know each other. The basis of the design was taken from a site called “Thingiverse” and the sizing was done through photos of both hands and an application online to correctly calculate everything in millimeters.The finished product was shipped to the recipient yesterday so he can begin using it right away!


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