Isabel’s Costa Rican Adventure

In an opportunity of a lifetime, HT fifth grader attended the Senior High trip to Costa Rica this year and documented her experience both on paper and on film. Enjoy a little peek into her adventure:

 Day 1:Isabel Bush Pics Day 1 When we got out of the airport the guide “Nancy ” was waiting for us. When we all got into the bus the driver introduced himself. The bus driver “ Maya ” was driving us to Poas volcano to see the crater. When we were at the top we couldn’t see anything other than fog. When we were heading for the bus we saw a rare Poas squirrel eating a nut. When we were going to the hotel we saw toucans and parrots.

Day 2:Isabel Bush Pics Day 2Before breakfast we went bird watching. When I got out of the room to go, they had already found a three-toed sloth right outside my room. After breakfast we went to the rain forest named La Selva. We split into two groups for a two and half hour walk in the rain. In my group we heard the Howler monkeys and saw a few toucans fly by. There was this strange blueberry like fruit I got to try that had a furry outside. I liked it, which is very unusual since I hate fruit. After lunch we went on another trail at the hotel. As it was still raining we saw very little. The only animal I saw was a toucan when we were walking on the suspension bridges over the wide rivers. I think that the rain was stopping us from seeing as much as I was hoping.

Day 3:Isabel Bush Pics Day 3Today we are leaving La Selva and going to Tortugero. On the way there we got breakfast at a restaurant with a butterfly garden. When we got to the dock to hop on the boat to the hotel, it was still raining. Even though it was raining we saw some Howler monkeys on the way. Once we got are keys and wandered around to 2:15 PM we went on a boat tour around the village and the canals. We were very lucky to have sunshine and to see two types of monkey, tiger striped snake, kinkajou up the tree, tiger harren baby, three towed and two-toed sloth awake right beside each other.
Isabel Bush Pics Day 4
Day 4:This morning we’re flying a thirty-minute flight instead of a seven-hour on the road. We saw tons of phenomenal animals like Emerald toucan, Kinkajou, Coati, Quetzal, humming birds, woodpeckers, monkeys, and Mot Mots. I was really excited when I found a Quetzal because that was on my list of things I want to see that I didn’t last time.


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