A Driver’s License for the Digital World

The road is dangerous. Inexperience and youthful exuberance can exacerbate that fact. Hence, all drivers are required to become educated on driving laws and obtain a license before driving on the road. The internet can also be dangerous. In today’s digital world, knowing the rules of the road when it comes to internet safety is imperative.  Denise Stickland, HTEA 21st Century Learning Specialist, highlights the Digital Driver’s License program at HTEA and how it is helping students learn when to stop, when to use caution, and when it is safe to proceed online.

digital Citizenship PosterAs Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy continues to enhance our STEAM efforts and incorporate blending learning solutions utilizing technology, there is a growing need for our students to be educated on protecting themselves and others on the internet. Therefore, the Upper School students are pursuing Digital Driver’s Licenses (DDL). This international program offers students a plethora of opportunities to gain more knowledge about internet safety. Students learn how to recognize and react to precarious situations on-line, such as cyberbullying and copyright infringement. The DDL content provide students with an overview of social media safety as well as a powerful perspective on the domino effects of misinformation. When students earn their DDLs, they can also earn a Mozilla Badge, which is an online platform recognizing an individual’s skills and achievements.

The DDL program is a free, easy-to-use resource allowing students to move through self-paced modules. Some of the modules include the following:

Digital Access, Health, and Wellness
Digital Commerce
Digital Law, Rights, and Responsibilities
Digital Media Fluency

I have been working with Dr. Gerry Swan out of the University of Kentucky. Through our efforts, HTEA is now a registered district/school enabling me to track data, such as a student’s progress, course completion and verify students who have earned their DDLs. Our seventh graders have already completed the program and received their DDLs and our eighth graders are right behind them.


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