This is Holy Trinity

Yesterday, 234 first through sixth graders began their day as they do each school day, in prayer.  The chapel service marked the third week of Advent.  The Early Childhood students put on a beautiful Christmas concert with all the delight and innocence small children possess.  First grade language students learned Chinese as third graders were in full preparation for Christmas Around the World on Friday.  The fourth graders perfected their understanding of the skeletal system as sixth grade read The Odyssey.  Fourth through sixth graders prepared for the upcoming spelling bee.  Church guild members were treated to a noon concert by the Lower School Choir and Orff ensemble.

At the Upper School, the Intro to Engineering students built and programmed robots, designed models using a CAD system and printed them on a 3D printer.  Computer Programming students problem solved using computational thinking.  Science students continue their research with over 100 frog traps on campus, all located on GPS, and downloaded to Google Earth. They caught, weighed, measured, and recorded the temperature of 33 native green tree frogs- the largest number they have ever encountered.  Band and choral students reminisced about their stellar Christmas concert held Friday while junior and senior high theater students accepted congratulations on the many awards they won at district competition.  Graphic design students created the HT Christmas card, Fine Arts concert signage, and classroom posters displaying our Mission, Vision, Values and Honor Code. Philanthropy students received their 11th grant application while hundreds of senior college applications were in receipt at universities throughout the country and internationally.

All this comes following the entire school taking part in the Hour of Code where Early Childhood through 12th grade students wrote computer code. The excitement extended to parents who joined in the fun last Thursday evening.

At 4:30 pm, on the suggestion of first grade teacher Sharon Foster, faculty and staff stopped and said a silent prayer for the school they love. This practice, which began Monday, will repeat at 4:30 pm tomorrow and each day after.

While I just described a typical day at HT, I don’t think it’s typical, I think it is special. Our culture is special; it is the Holy Trinity Way.

As this semester comes to a close, I reflect on my 17 months here.  With the help of a talented and innovative staff, we have grown, adding several courses – Introduction to Engineering, Leadership, Philanthropy, Science in Civilization, Graphics III, and AP Economics (bringing the total number of AP offerings to 24),  two new diploma programs STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) and Global Citizenship, and a youth-led foundation.  Exciting learning adventures for next semester include a Fine Arts Field Trip to New York City, a field study to Costa Rica, an international experience in China, and a Pilgrimage to Navajoland.

Through visionary board leadership, we are starting a capital campaign to consolidate our two campuses, adding a new academic building and a new athletic complex.  We will continue to grow and improve in service to our students.  I remain open to your thoughts and ideas, not only about programs and facilities, but also about the Holy Trinity Way.

As this semester comes to a close, I thank you for your support.  I am especially appreciative of the gratitude you show our faculty and staff who are so dedicated to your children.  In this season of celebration, I want you to know how grateful I am for the joy your children bring to the school and how honored I am to lead this remarkable school.

Merry Christmas.

Feeling blessed,
Christopher Hayes
Head of School
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

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