Savvy Hyperlapse Video Tips

After viewing several time-lapse videos on Facebook and wondering why this was suddenly such a popular style, I decided to investigate. It seems everyone was trying out the latest app from the Instagram team, Hyperlapse. I went straight to the app store on my iPad and downloaded the free app. It is very simple and straightforward to use, with only a few settings for users to configure (this is a good thing). The latest update to iOS 8 for Apple Devices has “time-lapse” as an option when recording video, so that is also an option if you are interested in trying it out. Based on my experience with the Hyperlapse app, here are a few tips for creating great time lapse videos:

  1. Proper lighting. If you are outside on a sunny day, you will be fine. If you are indoors, you will need to turn on some lights and/or open windows.
  2. Stability. If you can set your device on a table or stand of some type, your video will be more stable, less jerky, and easier on the viewer’s eyes. I use this around campus.
  3. Add music. Most basic time-lapse apps do not have sound, so add some appropriate music to your finished product for that professional look and feel.
  4. Choose your subject(s) carefully. Something like a complete task from start to finish or one sports play (a complete pass, a skateboard trick) work well and can be edited together for great videos.
  5. Most important… Have fun with it! Trial and error is the best way to find out what really works. You might just be surprised at how creative you can be!

A Day at the Lower School – My Hyperlapse Debut

–Brad Meyer
21st Century Learning Specialist
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

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