Facing Challenges, Making Memories

About a month into the new school year, Holy Trinity’s Junior High students met in the gym and the Junior High field. It was a mix of brand new students and old faces from the elementary school, so many were meeting each other for the first time. They gathered near home plate for two reasons: to face new challenges, and make new memories.

Ties that BindMore specifically, the new seventh and eighth graders participated in a day of team building exercises custom made by Ties That Bind, Inc. The Titusville-based company designs programs that test physical and mental skills all while promoting trust, teamwork, leadership and problem solving. And for Ties That Bind, which focuses on nature-inspired activities, it’s also about giving these junior high students some extra time outdoors. (“Our settings are natural,” reads their website. “The only tweets you’ll hear will be from real birds.”)

For Holy Trinity, a school that emphasizes unity, the program is a perfect fit. But according to seventh grade teacher Kathy Peters, it’s the student feedback that reinforces the program’s worth. “This activity is so important for our seventh graders,” says Peters. “It really helps to break down barriers and begin new friendships.” She adds that when these students graduate years from now, “the valedictorian or salutatorian will oftentimes share stories of their seventh grade team-building experiences, and the memories they have.”

Holy Trinity plans to keep the memories coming. Later this year, the 7th grade students will continue fine-tuning their team-building skills at New Ebenezer Retreat in Savannah, GA.

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