An Early Taste of College

Most students entering college have an idea of what their interests are while hoping they’ll actually enjoy their chosen course of study.  The Guided Research Apprenticeship Program is enabling science students to actually experience what most college students don’t get to do until their junior or senior year-get actual real-world experience.

Holy Trinity remains committed and focused on student success.   In a pilot program with the Florida Institute of Technology, science students are getting out of the classroom and into real-world situations where
3dprinterEdit2they can actually observe cause, effect, results, etc, real-time. Chemistry students are using their math skills with a design program to become familiar with 3D printers which are a type of industrial robot that can make a three-dimensional object of almost any shape from a 3D model or other electronic data source. From human skin, to building blocks for a house, 3D printers are changing our concept of printing and manufacturing.

Other students are working with FIT flight simulators to study aircraft safety. Through studies and polling, they’re trying to better understand the human element of actual flight safety- and perceptions of safety by those that fly.

At the end of the five week program, the students give an oral presentation to their Head of School, faculty, peers, friends, and family. These experiences are invaluable in helping the student to determine if the sciences are a viable option for their focus in college and ultimately as a career.

This program and others are designed to equip students to remain current in an ever-changing world.  As technology continues to advance at lightning speeds, the students who are able to not only adapt but anticipate and thrive in that change, will be ahead of the game and have an advantage in college and life in general.



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