First Impressions Are Everything

When I met the faculty for the first time last year, it was obvious Holy Trinity was an institution with a strong core. I was blessed with a team of highly talented and compassionate educators who were committed to providing the finest education to your

children. Holy Trinity was on a good footing for success.

As I complete my first year, I can firmly say these first impressions were correct. The impact these exceptional educators are having on your children is clearly highlighted in the recent Holy Trinity Stories videos and in the impressive list of colleges our 2014 graduates will be attending. Their depth of commitment is bottomless; from coaches greeting athletes at the crack of dawn to Mrs. Peters leaving campus after most have eaten dinner. At the Parish Campus, Mr. Gomez and Mrs. Williams are similar touchstones. Students at both campuses know they are under the watchful gaze of caring adults who will demand their best.

That’s what makes your decision to invest in a Holy Trinity education a sound one. Within an environment stressing recognition of the God in each person, our academic curriculum prepares students to achieve remarkable results. Over 80% of US students participate on at least one athletic team, and our performing artists compete successfully in regional competitions. We transform the very good into great, and then challenge them
to be exceptional.

We continue to create an environment where every student receives compelling invitations to engage in meaningful and challenging learning. This year we added musical instruments, a Lego Robotics Club, an Hour of Code, and expanded the garden at the Lower School. Next year, students will see a new Lower School Chaplain and an Academic Coach to better tend to their spiritual and academic needs, as well as a new Makerspace -complete with 3-D printer. At the US, we have added a course in Philanthropy and offer concentrations in Global Studies and in STEAM. We’ve strengthened research relationships with Florida Tech, sent students on a Haitian mission trip to our sister school, and committed to resurfacing the track.

We are also planning for the future. Our board will review the consultant’s findings of our capital campaign feasibility study this June. We will use the instruction and curricular offerings that will best prepare Holy Trinity students as a guide to drive any decisions regarding new buildings and equipment, and any upgrades and improvements needed for existing facilities. The future is bright!

Thank you for choosing Holy Trinity to educate your child, and for your continued donations of time, talent, and treasure. Most importantly, thank you for making my first year so positive and promising. Have a blessed summer and see you in the fall!

Christopher Hayes
Christopher Hayes, Head of School

Trinity Times – 2014 Graduation Edition

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2 thoughts on “First Impressions Are Everything”

  1. We are Katie and Brandon Voepels grandparents here in Illinois. Happy to hear they have done so well at Holy Trinity. Also nice to hear how well the classes behaved on their European trip and Washington,DC trips. Thanks for all you do for the students!

    1. You are most welcome! Thank you for sharing your grandchildren with us far from the land of the Bulls and the Bears. It is a daily joy to work with engaged students and to find ways to expand their horizons. Please come visit in February, if not before, and feel free to bring a slice of deep dish pizza!
      –Mr. Hayes

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