My Holy Trinity Story – The Fisher Family

My Holy Trinity Story - The Fisher FamilyEach family is shaped by Holy Trinity in a different way. My sister, Virginia Campbell, was a 1st grade teacher at Holy Trinity back then, so we had an early insight into the school program. We recognized right away their commitment to academic excellence and character building. As a result, we made sure our daughter Amber was on the waiting list for preschool when she was six months old. Two years later, in 2004, our twins, Emma and Austin, joined Amber as Holy Trinity Tigers. This is our 11th year at the school, and Amber is an 8th grader and the twins are in 6th.

I can still remember the first day; climbing the stairs into the Pink House to take Amber to the preschool program. The welcoming faces, the resources for discovery and learning, the orderly environment and the outreach for each student allowed for a palpable feeling of excellence. As Amber moved into Kindergarten, our twins started preschool with Mrs. Williams. From day one, she understood and embraced each of our children for their qualities and wisely advised us to separate the twins in Pre-K to develop their own paths. The faculty at Holy Trinity is amazing!

I can honestly say that every year has been a positive experience. In fact, we are more and more impressed by the rigorous academics, the character impressed upon and reflected back by students, and the focus on the importance of development for whole child. We have had many moments of positive learning both in studies and life lessons as our children have been encouraged “to start here and go anywhere.”

We contribute to the Holy Trinity Fund knowing it’s an investment in our children’s academic future, one that will allow them to truly reach for the stars. Our contribution is our small way of returning to Holy Trinity some of the gifts they give Amber, Emma and Austin every day.

— Julie Fisher

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