Cupcakes for Cancer

Students with $735 check to present to St. Judes
Students with $736 check to present to St. Jude’s

When Delaney Boyle, a student of Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, was in fifth grade and her dad was fighting a malignant melanoma, she called her friend Julia Zorovitch with a big idea.  She wanted to bake cupcakes and sell them at school bake sales to benefit cancer patients. They looped in their fellow classmate and friend, Charlotte Varnes, and Cupcakes for Cancer was born.  In their first six months, with the help of 12 other members, Delaney’s mom, Karen, and other parents, the club raised $735. The check will be donated to their charity of choice, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, on December 9.

This year, Delaney, Zorovitch and Varnes have opened up the club to third through sixth graders and have broadened their scope. Their original motto, “Changing other people’s lives one bake sale at a time” progressed to “Changing lives one bake sale at a time” as the group realized that their philanthropy changed them as well.

This school year’s schedule includes nine bake sales and a goal of $1500 that will be allocated to three charities, yet to be announced.  The sales include cupcakes baked and decorated by the group, brownies, and doughnuts donated by Krispy Kreme.  Other donors include Brevard Vision Care, Frazier Engineering and Sage Financial.

All three of these impressive, young woman believe that it is their responsibility to help those in need. They also agree that doing so is easier than they thought.

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