Q & A with Mr. Hayes

hayesPicWhat interested you about becoming Head of School at Holy Trinity?
Holy Trinity struck me as a strong school poised to become even stronger, young enough not to be complacent, grounded in strong faith, and well-constructed by a masterful leader in Mrs. Ford. As far as moving to Florida, my visits to Brevard helped me to quickly learn that Melbourne is a special place. The Search Committee did a masterful job of showcasing the strengths of the area, from Florida Tech and its Scott Center for Autism Treatment to the Brevard Zoo, from the Foosaner and Funk Museums to the Eau Gallie Arts District.

What accomplishments in your career are you most proud of?
Tough question. I’d like to think that I’ve made a small difference in the lives of students that I have had the good fortune to work with. I hope I have helped them find their world a more interesting and kinder place.

What was your number one priority arriving at Holy Trinity?
My priority was to get to know people, which meant setting up individual 45 minute meetings with each of the 150 employees. This was a great chance to learn history, appreciate culture, celebrate remarkable service, and dream about an even brighter future. I have also attended meetings with groups of student leaders, many of which took place before school began – yes, our students were kind enough to spend part of their summer vacation with me. Currently, it has led to some wonderful outreach with community members, parents and grandparents, Episcopal clergy, alumni, educators, city leaders, and other non-profit colleagues.

How do you manage to juggle multiple priorities and still accomplish your goals?hayesSigningHonorCode
With a lot of really good help! There is a very talented team in place at Holy Trinity and an immense community reservoir of good will. Any successes thus far are the result of many kindnesses, great and small, some of which I have yet to recognize. One member of the Board fixed my air conditioner. Talk about a life saver. On the other end of the spectrum, Larry Pierce saw me lugging some boxes into my office one day, dropped everything, and helped me out. The Ambush literally swept me off of my feet. That level of love and support on a daily basis moves mountains.

That said, I’m still trying to squeeze more time out of each day, to be present in the classrooms and at athletic events, to split time between campuses, to meet parents, to strengthen the spiritual foundation of the school, to enhance the faculty program of professional development and evaluation, and to facilitate an inclusive strategic planning process, all while learning the school.

How will you go about doing a “needs assessment” for Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy?
A needs assessment comes from listening and asking questions. I’ve already asked many of you what you would like to be able to say about HT in another decade that you can’t say with full confidence today.

I’ve tried to introduce myself in a way that I recognize the many strengths of the school, none more so than the exceptional people who give so generously of their time, treasure, and talent. I’ve also tried giving people ways to articulate their vision for the school. Each individual has a unique perspective and therefore a unique ability to recommend improvements. While I’m generally an evolutionary not a revolutionary, the collected power of these dreams and recommended improvements propels us toward remarkable growth.

At the end of your career, what do you think your students would say about you as a leader?
The likely answer is that I was unusually tall and occasionally funny. However, what I hope students will say is that he loved us and that he loved serving us.

“There is a very talented team in place at Holy Trinity and an immense community reservoir of good will.”


2 thoughts on “Q & A with Mr. Hayes”

  1. We are lucky to have Mr. Hayes as our school community leader. He is a wonderful, well-rounded, well educated man, who is also wise and funny at the same time. I liked the answers and I thought the questions were very well-thought-out. Mr. Hayes will take the school to the next level (one of Mrs. Ford’s favorite sayings)! We are here to help him any way we can.

  2. The warmth and caring that Mr. Hayes has shown was so evident this morning when, as I was preparing for our glee/6th gade concert, one of my 6th grade music students whispered to me, “Look, Mrs. Ernewein, Mr. Hayes is here!” We were all very happy to see him!

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