Apps Recommended for Kids by Kids

Mrs. Schultz’s third grade class reviews six iPad apps and rates their features:

appPicApps can be used for students to reinforce math concepts. In this age of digital clocks and debit cards, children aren’t given as many opportunities to practice telling time on an analog clock and counting coins. I encourage practice that is meaningful and challenging, and students love to practice when learning is fun. With the help of HTEA‘s 21st Century Learning Specialist, Mr. Meyers, we chose six current apps for the children in my class to rate and review. They were asked to play the app for 5 minutes, and then, they wrote their favorite and least favorite features. After testing all the apps, they voted on their favorite ones.

The money apps that we tested were: Counting Money, Count Money!, and Educating Eddie Currency. Some children found the first two apps to be boring, while others found the graphics to be unappealing. The third app, Educating Eddie Currency, was loved by all the children. The animated graphics and video game approach were a big hit.

The telling time apps that we tested were: Telling Time Free, Interactive Telling Time Lite, and Telling Time Quiz. The Telling Time Free app was the least favorite. The children felt it was confusing and visually unappealing. The Telling Time Quiz app was a favorite of the children who loved the quiz/test aspect of it. Most of the students loved the Interactive Telling Time Lite app. It contained colorful animations and you earned items to place in an aquarium that you were able to decorate.

This fun activity provided better insight and allowed for practice. It was exciting for them to rate an app, and higher level thinking skills were used as they critiqued the games. I am looking forward to expanding on this activity in other subjects in the classroom.

The Class’ Top 3 Apps:

View the students’ App Review Worksheet

–Teresa Schultz
3rd Grade Teacher
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

What are your thoughts on the use of technology in classrooms today?
What are your children’s favorite educational apps?
Please share with us in the comments below.

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