How to get through the College Application Process

HTEA Alumni/ae shared a few words of wisdom to future seniors in regards to the dreaded college application process:

“It is not as scary as it seems, so do not stress.”

“Apply early; don’t wait until the deadline nears.”

“Keep a calendar of important dates and reference it frequently.”

“Don’t fall victim to ‘senioritis.'”

“Tour schools, and keep in mind what schools you could actually get in to….”

“Pace yourself.  Don’t try to do all applications in late December.”

“Don’t be shy about contacting colleges about your applications.”

“Take advantage of your college advisor and teachers help.”

“After you’ve been accepted, apply for housing ASAP.”

“Do a second visit after accepted to a school, it makes all the difference.”

“Research scholarships.”

“Focus on making yourself stand out.  Find something quirky and relevant to talk about in your essays.”

“Apply to a wide range of schools; you never know what opportunities you will have until you apply.”

“Make pro/con lists- they are so helpful.”

“Be on top of every deadline yourself.  Don’t rely on other people.”

“Put a lot of time into researching what colleges you would want to attend so that you don’t have to apply to an unnecessary amount of schools.”

“It is tough because of all the opinions you’ll get from friends, teachers, parents, etc…  What you have to do is learn to separate yourself from it all and concentrate on what you want.”

The Class of 2014 and beyond have many great things ahead.  Use your Holy Trinity resources to make the college application process manageable and successful!

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