My Old Stomping Ground

Sonja Hamke '10Looks like I am back at my old stomping ground here at the academy. My name is Sonja Hamke, class of 2010, and this is my fourth week as an intern and coach! I am currently a senior at UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management and will have my bachelor’s degree in Event Management this May. I always knew I would be back in Melbourne, but not necessarily at Holy Trinity.

I began my education at Holy Trinity in the fourth grade and was up and down about how I felt being in a private school. You don’t realize it, but for me going to chapel every day was such a simple touch that was so meaningful. Even at the upper school, once you have graduated, you really take for granted not having chapel in your life every day.  I am very fortunate that I was able to go to Holy Trinity and have good character instilled in my life. Most of all, I feel that HT has molded me into who I am. Of course the curriculum prepared me for college and made me extremely prepared for higher education, but the real difference was how we were taught to be good people. I feel like you can’t get this anywhere else.

Now that I am on board with HT it is quite the challenge to juggle my life. I am a full-time student taking five classes and 16 credit hours. With my degree program, it is required that you complete three semesters of an internship. I have previously completed one and am now on my second. On top of my classes and schoolwork, the university requires that internship must be 16 hours per week. So, you can find me here Monday and Wednesdays mornings, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and all day on Fridays! And don’t forget after school too – coaching junior high volleyball on Tuesdays and Thursdays is a lot of work and is very rewarding. I also assist the freshmen, JV, and varsity teams, which can also be a lot of work, but is really fun! Regardless, I am here A LOT.

So, now I have an official title – the Special Events & Alumni Relations Intern! It is pretty exciting but there is a lot that goes along with it (mainly because I also have to go to school in Orlando Monday through Thursday and coach in the afternoons). With being the special events intern, naturally I am assisting with the planning and coordinating of the events here at Holy Trinity. I am interning with Mrs. Simmons which includes collaborating with her on everyday tasks that she and the faculty need in order to make sure our events run smoothly. Also I am keeping up with alumni and coming up with ways to keep them engaged and up to date with what’s going on at Holy Trinity. I make sure that we are on track with the upcoming events and I bring some new ideas to the table. It is very neat because the classes I am in right now are totally relating to the tasks I am doing in my job here. It is so nice when you are learning about the things you enjoy and can apply them in your workplace.

So far I am absolutely in love with my job and the place I am at in my life right now. I couldn’t ask for anything more (except maybe a shorter commute) and I am so incredibly blessed for all the elements in my life. I have worked very hard to arrive here and I couldn’t be happier. Before you know it this semester will be over and we will see what the New Year will bring to the table!

— Sonja Hamke
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy Class of 2010

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