How to Get Recruited to Play College Athletics

 Athletic Signing DayOver the past five years, 13% of Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy’s graduates have gone on to play their sport at the college level.

Why is that number so high? Lenny Paoletti, the school’s Athletic Director, says that the students are the “total package”. Paoletti explains that “our students are recruited by college coaches because they not only are great athletes, but have academics, leadership and character that translate to success on and off the field.”

Each August, Alison Bell, Holy Trinity’s Director of College Placement, and Paoletti present a workshop: “How to get recruited to play college athletics” to parents and students. Although the road to college placement usually begins in ninth grade for student athletes, the program supplements the individual work that Paoletti, college advisors and coaches do to help students interested in pursuing college athletic placement.

Paoletti, who has also coached at the collegiate level, developed an acronym for “RECRUIT” to guide families in the process:

Research schools, athletics, academics, social

Evaluate self, ability, interest, commitment

Contact school, coach, recruiting coordinator

Register NCAA, Schools, FAFSA, other sources

United with family, college advisor and coaches

Initiate visit. Limit to five official visits.

Train. Now it begins…

While the athletic placement process is an additional layer to the college process, it can result in a student finding a great fit for their sport alongside academics, with the additional benefit of earning an athletic or merit scholarship to help pay for college.

Alison Bell, Director of College Counseling
Lenny Paoletti, Athletic Director
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

What are your thoughts on the recruitment process for college athletics? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear your insight!

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