Calling All Grandparents

Calling all grandparents…please get Involved!

In my few short months as Head of School, I am warmed by our school community’s devotion and involvement.  I recently met an extremely dedicated HT grandparent and would like to share his story with you:

Nearly every Wednesday for the past decade, Mr. Charlie Nelson has made the 120-mile round trip from Maitland to Melbourne.  But Mr. Nelson, a C.P.A., is not making the trek for business.  He does so to see his four grandchildren, each of whom attend or attended Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy.  Two have graduated and are in college (HT class of ’10 and HT class of ’13) while the other two are currently in the eleventh and ninth grade.  Family is exceedingly important to Mr. Nelson!

His travel itinerary has stayed pretty consistent over the years.  In fact, when Mr. Nelson changed jobs a few years ago, taking this time was a pre-requisite to accepting the new position. Mr. Nelson arrives in town before Wednesday’s dismissal, and spends the evening with his grandchildren. On Thursday morning, he attends Chapel at the Lower School Parish campus, a tangible expression of his faith and a wonderful way to pass it forward.  His grandchildren have not been at the Lower School for three years, but between the sermon and the children’s participation, Mr. Nelson says that he feels more affected than at many adult services.  From there, Mr. Nelson proceeds to the Upper School Pineda campus, where he attends chapel again in the company of his grandchildren and their friends.

I want to extend the invitation for you to be involved as well, to transmit your values across the generations in the same way that my grandparents quietly did for me.  Each time the clock chimes in my office as it did in my father’s parents’ dining room, and each time I use the coffee mug that my mother’s mother gave me three decades ago, they are with me, reminding me of their love.

Grandparents DayATTEND!
In addition to daily Chapel (8:20 at the Lower School and 9:45 at the Upper School) and athletic events, here are several opportunities to be a positive presence in your grandchild’s school experience:

Veterans Day – November 11, 8:20am at the Lower School & 2:15pm at the Upper School
Golf Tournament – December 7, more information will be available online soon
Evening of Elegance – March 15, more information will be available online soon
Grandparents Day – March 20 at the Upper School & March 21 at the Lower School


From helping at lunch to working the gate at athletic events to teaching Character Education to speaking opportunities, there are many opportunities for you to share your time and talents with your grandchildren.  In addition, if you have academic expertise that you’re willing to share tutoring students, please let us know.


Be proud of the sacrifices your children make to provide your grandchildren with a Holy Trinity education. Help us continue to fulfill our mission of offering an academically challenging curriculum in a Christian environment with your gift.

You already make a great difference to your grandchildren.  Thank you for sharing them with Holy Trinity.  They are making a great difference here!

— Mr. Hayes
Head of School
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

9 thoughts on “Calling All Grandparents”

  1. I have known the Nelson family for many years. They all truly embrace family involvement. All of the kids are so talented from singing to acting to sports.

    I agree how important grandparents are in the life of their grandchildren. When I worked at the LS I read in each one of my grandchildren’s (3) classes once a week from the time they started in PS until about the 4th grade. The stories were always short but had a meaning. Because of that time, I have gotten to know a lot of their friends. Some of them even call me ‘Gram’. I thank God for that time. cj

    1. Thank you for input Mrs. Jones! It is so good to hear about your involvement with not only your grandchildren but also the other students here at HTEA. What a rewarding experience it must have been to share with them!

  2. I was so happy to see this Blog and could not agree more on how invaluable a Grandparent’s influence can have on a child’s life. I was very close to all of my Grandparents and can reflect back to the wonderful gifts that each of their individual personalities brought to my life weather it was through cooking an old family recipe passed down thru the generations, sitting at a Mud Hens Baseball game, attending ethnic church festivals or rolling out the dough to make fresh biscuits in the morning… they each had their own special way of grounding me with deep roots in my family history that keeps me grounded today in knowing exactly who I am and where I came from. What I wouldn’t give to hear one of them today say…”You know, when I was a youngster….” I probably didn’t appear as though I was listening to all of their old stories when I was a little girl…or worse a teenage girl !… but it all seeped in and I am so very thankful for that and what they bought to my life.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with us Mrs. Sottile! It is great to hear first-hand accounts of the positive influence grandparents have on their grandchildren. At Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, we value the time, knowledge, and experiences grandparents are able share with the students on a regular basis.

  3. I feel so lucky that Mr. Nelson has chosen to be my honorary “father” at the chapel services on Thursday mornings at the lower school. He wears a name tag with Mr. G written on it, and most of the children in my classes think he is my dad. He truly represents the best in all that we strive to be and I look forward each week to his smiling face and pat on my back. Yes, the Holy Trinity family is alive and well, especially with such loving and caring people as Mr. Nelson.

    1. Thank you for your comment Mr. Gomez! How fun that Mr. Nelson is your honorary “father” and all the students think he is your dad! He certainly is the best and we are lucky to have him as part of the HTEA family.

  4. What a wonderful “call to action” for those lucky grandparents that live close to their grandchildren. Since Michael’s grandparents live in Greece, I always felt that it was my job to heavily volunteer to “cover” for that. It is true that it takes a village to raise a child and being involved is the best way to contribute your part. Great article to empower even more grandparents to play an active role in our school community!

      1. Thank you for your kind words, we love the school and the people who make it a great place to learn and volunteer!

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