Cheerleaders: Athletes at the Top of their Game

“RAH-RAH-RAH,” is often what people think of when the word “cheerleader” is mentioned, but the sport of cheerleading has come a long way since the days of girls simply bouncing around screaming “RAH!” Nowadays girls train, devoting hours to hone the array of skills necessary to perform the mix of gymnastics, dance, and acrobatic moves that make up cheerleading. Gone are the days of girls in skirts and bows only. Now cheerleading is made up of athletes in top physical condition committed to the sport they love.

Holy Trinity Cheerleaders are no different. After tryouts in the spring, the girls began practicing regularly to perfect their skills, drilling the smallest things over and over to ensure technique as a squad. They worked hard to master jumps, motions and dances, and they conditioned through running and training to be ready to perform at their best in competition against other cheerleading squads at the University of Central Florida in June.

HTEA Varsity CheerleadersThe girls spent three days in Orlando working on their skills, learning new material, and being judged on their abilities. The hard work paid off as the girls brought home superior scores on every evaluation. They were named a superior squad by Universal Cheerleading Association (UCA) and the Most Improved Team of the weekend. They also won their dance division bringing home top honors for their home fight song routine. The most coveted award of the weekend among all the squads participating was the “Top Banana,” awarded to the squad with the most spirit and sportsmanship. Holy Trinity was thrilled and honored to take home this prize as well. Additionally, two young ladies, Milan Lanier and Tea Boos, were recognized by UCA as All Americans.

Needless to say, gone are the days of “RAH-RAH” cheerleaders at Holy Trinity. This group of young women works hard and has received recognition as being a top team! They look forward to a great season cheering on the HT Tigers and promoting school spirit!

— Meredith Rea
Cheerleading Coach
7th & 10th Academic Advisor
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

2 thoughts on “Cheerleaders: Athletes at the Top of their Game”

  1. Go, Girls!!!! Congratulations!! Way to represent HTEA! 🙂
    “H – T – E – A!! Who’re you rootin’ for?” WooHooooo….
    (Nice article, Coach Rea! Very well written!”)

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