Highlighting AP at HTEA

As a top private school in Florida, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy is dedicated to providing a challenging curriculum and boasts one of the highest AP pass rates in Brevard County with 23 Advanced Placement classes offered. Two of our Advanced Placement course instructors were honored to present at the 2013 AP Annual Conference! Please enjoy this reflection on their experience:

We attended the National AP Conference put on by College Board last year when it was in Orlando. There were numerous offerings for the classes we teach (AP Government and Politics: US, AP European History, AP United States History) but we both felt that there was very little information that we could take back and incorporate into our curriculum. We did a little research and discovered the theme for the 2013 Conference was directed at getting students more involved in the learning process. We both teach using more traditional methods but try to utilize a variety of projects and activities in our classrooms. We thought the projects and activities would fit into the Conference theme and, with our combined 25+ years in the classroom and both being AP Readers, we could create a session that would be useful for any AP History teacher.

AP ConferenceWe worked on a proposal and submitted it to the College Board. We found out our proposal was selected in February and we were very excited for the opportunity. We immediately began to work on a presentation that would highlight what we do in our AP History classrooms and also be applicable to any AP History curriculum.

We flew into Las Vegas on a Thursday in mid-July…it was a balmy 108 degrees in the desert. Our presentation was scheduled for the final session on the final day so we were able to attend the other sessions the first day and a half. We were a little nervous to be presenting at a national conference but we felt totally ready when the time came. Our presentation went very smoothly and we got a great response from those who attended. We achieved our goal of presenting information that was new and readily applicable in the AP History curriculum. We also had a little fun seeing the sights in Las Vegas when we were finished. It was an honor to have been given this opportunity and we both enjoyed it very much.

— Mrs. Lara Duguid and Mrs.¬†Melissa Euziere

Have you taken or taught AP Courses or attended the National AP Conference?
Please share your experiences. We welcome your feedback and comments!

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