A letter from Mr. Hayes

Dear Members of the Holy Trinity Community,

I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful summer! I’m writing to introduce myself and to invite you to share your stories as I come to learn the strengths and heritage of Holy Trinity. I am honored to have been chosen as Head of School and grateful to have already been so warmly welcomed.

Though July 1 marked my first official day, my introduction to Holy Trinity began in the spring with the marvelous celebration of Mrs. Ford’s quarter century of exceptional service – a great opportunity to meet many of you and see firsthand the depth of dedication to this school.

In May, I attended the baccalaureate and graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2013 -what an exposure to the strength of Holy Trinity‘s students, from Friday evening’s magnificent choir performance to Tiffany McKenzie ’03’s stirring commencement speech. This young attorney embodies Start Here, Go Anywhere (I encourage you to view her speech at www.htacademy.org/graduation-speeches). Holy Trinity students past and present displayed grace, poise, and reverence for this important occasion. The moment which best revealed the spirit of Holy Trinity occurred when the sound system failed during the singing of the alma mater. I was already impressed by the students behind me who had been singing audibly from the start. Suddenly without musical accompaniment, other voices in the audience faltered momentarily. The young men to whom I had been listening did not miss a beat and carried the alma mater to a beautiful a cappella conclusion with skill and courage, bravely raising their voices in support of a higher purpose.

During a visit to the Lower School, I saw one youngster apparently having a sad moment. Noticing the horse on her shirt, I quietly commented that my younger daughter also likes horses. I was rewarded with was a smile that lit up the room. When I returned weeks later for the Lower School Athletic Awards Assembly and was standing with Mrs. Koos greeting families, I was surprised by a sudden hug. My new friend wanted to verify that my daughter still likes horses. Indeed she does, almost as much as I like the spontaneous joy that a Lower School child exudes.

I invite you to share your stories. My primary goal this year is to come to better know the strengths of Holy Trinity.

I already know that the strengths include the remarkably high academic standards that led to five National Merit Finalists from the class of 2013, part of a tradition of excellence supported by over fifty years of student intellectual growth. I’ve seen the athletic prowess of this year’s Track athletes, both the Upper School team that triumphed at the State level and the Lower School students who turned out en masse at Eau Gallie High School on a warm spring Saturday morning to run and cheer for each other under the supportive gaze of Mrs. Jo Ellen Williams. I’m aware of strengths in the arts at the Upper School, with two recent graduates recognized by the Dali Museum, and at the Lower School, where the band rivals the popularity of One Direction. Your stories of Holy Trinity‘s strengths may well include indicators of character, or evidence that the students recognize themselves as part of a greater whole.

An important part of my ongoing education in the Holy Trinity Way includes meeting with faculty and staff; I have invited each of 150 HT employees to meet individually with me. I also look forward to spending time with student leaders, soliciting their insight. In August, there will be a series of coffees and other opportunities for me to meet parents. In preparation, I have read the parent surveys that many of you took the time to fill out this spring. I look forward to hearing from you firsthand.

Thank you for choosing to entrust your child or children to Holy Trinity. It is a great responsibility that I commit to live up to each day. I look forward to getting to know you as we work joyfully together in shaping a bright future for our children.

MrHayesFirstDay_thumbRespectfully yours,

Christopher Hayes
Head of School
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy
Start Here. Go Anywhere

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