New for 2013-14: An Online Course!

Currently under construction deep in the walls of the 400 building at the Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy Pineda Campus is an entirely online AP Statistics course for the 2013-14 school year! As the premiere co-educational private school in Brevard, HTEA is excited to announce this new addition to our high school curriculum. In addition to teaching the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data, this online statistics course will enhance the 21st century learning skills of our students, further preparing them for college and beyond.

RLR_3945_thumb2The new course will be run by Upper School math instructor, Mr. Aaron Pishalski. With a degree in Math and a Master’s in Teaching, Mr. Pishalski is well-equipped for the job. Course materials and online lessons are being created this summer by Mr. Pishalski in collaboration with fellow HTEA math/science instructor, Mr. Herntier.

The main difference in preparation: ensuring collaboration without a classroom.

The goals and objectives of the online course are the same as the traditional course. The difference is in creating the natural collaborative learning environment that exists in the classroom that does not exist online. So much of what is learned in class is learned through questions and the discussions that evolve from those questions. In preparing the online course I have to recreate the collaborative environment that exists in class online. This will be done through blogs, email and group projects that create an opportunity for the essential questions to be asked and the discussion to follow.

–Mr. Pishalski

Learn more about Mr. Pishalski: HTEA “Meet Our Teachers”

What do you think about online courses? We’d love to hear your opinion!

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