A Special Announcement

February 22, 2013

Dear HTEA Community,

The Board of Trustees of Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy is pleased to announce the selection of Christopher W. Hayes as our next Head of School beginning July 1, 2013. Mr. Hayes comes to Holy Trinity from Cheshire, Connecticut, where he currently serves at Cheshire Academy as the Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs.

This selection is the result of an extensive, six-month, national search which was conducted by a nine-member Head of School Search Committee and was aided by Southern Teachers Agency. The committee selected two finalists who were invited to Holy Trinity for interview sessions with focus groups consisting of trustees, parents, faculty, staff and students. Mr. Hayes went on to receive the Search Committee’s recommendation to the Board of Trustees who, in turn, unanimously voted for his appointment.

In selecting Mr. Hayes as the next Head of School for Holy Trinity, the Board of Trustees has chosen a leader with a lifelong passion for education and learning. His immediate and perceptible connections with Holy Trinity students, and his high level of energy and enthusiasm, along with his resume of accomplishments, were seen by trustees as an embodiment of our school’s mission and values.

Our next Head of School has a track record of creating programs that help students understand their capabilities and reach their potential. During his twenty-five years of independent school experience, Mr. Hayes has served as teacher, advisor, and administrator. He has served as Head of School in the absence of a Headmaster, enhanced classroom technology, and has been instrumental in building successful college preparatory curriculum programs.

A 1988 graduate of Williams College, Mr. Hayes earned a master’s degree from Brown University in Education (History). During his years as an undergraduate, he spent one year at Oxford University as a full member of Exeter College, where he studied History and Economics. Mr. Hayes and his wife, Kate, are the parents of two teenaged daughters, Caroline and Alice.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we would like to thank the members of the Head of School Search Committee, our consultants at Southern Teachers Agency, and all of the members of our Holy Trinity community who have contributed greatly to the search process. We laud all who were involved for their commitment and dedication to the integrity of the search process.

Finally, we wish to thank Mrs. Catherine A. Ford for her twenty-five years of extraordinary service to our school. Her leadership in our mission, vision, and core values has established the tradition that is the Holy Trinity Way. We look forward to your participation in commemorating the accomplishments achieved by Mrs. Ford in the coming months.

We thank you for your support and ask you to join us in welcoming the Hayes family to our community.

Myra Igo Haley, Chairperson

Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy Board of Trustees

Jack Ryals, Chairperson

Head of School Search Committee

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