Math for Today’s Second Grader

Are iPads or other tablets a good idea in the classroom? These second graders would answer a resounding yes! In their class, iPads are nothing new and they contribute to learning in ways that keep them engaged and excited.

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My students are so excited to use the Singapore Math iPad app! Bar model problem solving for second graders can be a challenging concept for students to grasp. Children are learning to use higher level thinking strategies, and are solving multi-step word problems. At our school, we are so fortunate to have an iPad lab, with over two dozen iPads. I am able to individualize, and also provide enrichment for my class.  We have the latest technology available to us, to provide the best of learning experiences for our students. In second grade, children regularly practice problem solving, using these iPads. They build detailed bar models independently, and take great pride in their creations! Many of my students have also downloaded the Singapore Math app at home, and are becoming bar model experts! In fact, one student of mine told me that he downloaded not only the second grade Singapore Math app on his iPad, but also the third grade app, for when he “graduates from second grade!” How fortunate we are to be teaching and learning at Holy Trinity, and to have all of these resources at our fingertips.

-Mrs. Finnegan
HTEA Second Grade Teacher

One thought on “Math for Today’s Second Grader”

  1. Bar models are very useful in helping students develop a concrete understanding of the process involved in mathematical problem solving. In learning to construct a variety of bar models students develop a deeper number sense and greater flexibility in problem solving techniques. Learning and practicing bar modeling in second grade will help our students build the strong critical thinking skills and confidence they will need to solve more complex problems later on. Commendations to our hard working second grade mathematicians. I look forward to working with them in a few years when they reach sixth grade!

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