Being a Chinese American

beingAChineseAmerican_fionaGuoI have been in American for almost two months, and I have seen so many interesting, different and even “weird” things so far. For example, I asked Mrs. Torkelson one day why everyone says “Bless you!” when someone else is sneezing. That is just an interesting custom. I have tasted so many American foods. Thanks for my host mother who is a really wonderful cook, and I am a really good eater, I have tried varied foods for each dinner. My favorite food is sloppy joes although I have totally no idea where people got this name! I am in golf club and have practiced for several times, and it’s really wonderful experience since I haven’t played golf before. It seems so common and easy to play golf in America, but in China, all of the golf courts are far away from the urban area so it is not convenient at all. What is more, I go to parties every week now, like baby shower party, birthday parties and parties for no reason. I really love parties, and I think going to parties is just for spending more wonderful time with friends and family, which leads to so many parties for no reason. I went to beaches and enjoyed the big sun shower that made me totally a brown person. Anyway, there are such lots of new and impressive things since I came here.

Through those things, I see the culture differences; I see the extreme friendliness of Americans; I see how I, as a Chinese, should live and study better here. I do miss those Chinese foods that my mom cooked, all-day-long Chinese speaking at school, my family and my old friends who talked about funny things, movies, musics and school all the time to me. However I like my new life here too. People always have the desire to explore new things more. I am proud that I am a Chinese although the language and the culture difference from natives are really big problems to me. I open my mind and see those diversities which I could never know before. I have more knowledge, and my mind becomes stronger and comprehensive. I am trying to get used to American style life and make some new friends. It can be tough, but I am trying my best. Hope my life in America will be as wonderful as I wish. Just enjoy my American style life!

– Fiona
HTEA International Student

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