A Year of Many First Experiences

This is my first time to America, which is an extremely different and wonderful country. I had a really great time in the two and a half weeks at Holy Trinity, because all of the teachers and students are very enthusiatic. I appreciate that! It helps me to blend in the new enviornment as soon as possible. Until now, I have joined diverse activities, I enjoyed them very much although I have no chances to do them in China. Two weeks ago, I went to a baby shower party, played the Baby Barr Bingo (a type of guess game), drew for the wish board, and prayed for the unborn baby. It is totally different from a Chinese baby shower, because we will give the baby a bath! Last week was my first time to watch an American football game, it was exciting, my friends and I cheered for our school’s team all the time! By the way, my host parents always cook delicious American food for me, so I try many kinds of local and tranditional American food for the first time. They are excellent, and I love it! America is full of surprises and opportunities, so I expect all the first time coming!

– Star
HTEA International Student

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