Running for another big HTEA Cross Country Season

HTEA Cross Country

The Wickham park jamboree is the first race that our whole team will race together! Although it is not in season it tells a lot about the team, like who is going to be on Varsity, and what realistic goal times are for all team members.

This summer the team ran every day at Wickham Park, racking up miles that will pay off during the season. This summer, I ran a little over three hundred miles, and the rest of the team ran between 200-1000 miles! On Saturday, we will hopefully see all our work pay off with lots of personal records, consistent miles, and strong finishes.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, we run between 4-6 miles, and every Tuesday and Thursday, we run workouts that help with our speed. Every Sunday, we run our long runs which are over 6 miles. Our cross-country team is renown throughout the state for our records and titles, but this does not come without hard work and preparation. Running is a sport you have to work at every day; it is not an overnight success.

I am excited for the Jamboree because it is always a fun kick off to the season! I will hopefully see my work this summer pay off with a fast time.

Emily Jameson ’13
HTEA Cross Country Runner

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